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Civil Service Web Portal

Computer screen with Civil Service app
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The Civil Service Web Portal provides a simple way for prospective applicants to view, process and track a Civil Service application. In addition, the Civil Service Processing Unit (Department) realizes the benefit of an entirely paperless system that is easy to administer and reduces overhead.

The Applicant: The entire process is available for online processing:

  • Browse opportunities online.
  • Review qualifications and deadlines.
  • Apply online.
  • Register and pay for individual exams.
  • Manage account and multiple applications.
  • Track scoring and status.

The Application is kept informed through email notifications of:

  • Opportunities by category.
  • Order confirmations.
  • Exam confirmations.
  • Follow-up communications.

Desktop computer with civil service administration screen

The Processor: The processing of jobs and applications is simplified in the following categories:

Posting Opportunities:

  • Enter individual opportunities to the website portal with  qualifications and deadlines.
  • Post job detail.

Manage the Process:

  • Manage each applicant account and individual applications, review applicant minimum qualifications and required forms in a paperless portal.
  • Communicate with applicants via individual letter templates  that can be customized and transmitted via email (or mail).
  • Manage exams - number of available seats, locations & exam detail.
  • Upload and download exam and applicant detail from the state processing unit.

Manage Postings:

  • Postings can be pre-loaded and date driven to post online on a specific date.
  • Recurring (annual) job opportunities can be posted from the  archive - saving time.

The Civil Service Portal is in production at multiple client locations. Our clients have seen many benefits of the system including, but not limited to, an increased number of applications being processed while maintaining existing staffing levels … savings realized for both the applicant and the processor. Contact us to learn more about the Civil Service Portal.

Mobile Version V3

ADMINISTRATION MODULE: Administer all aspects of the Civil Service System from your Mobile Device or Tablet giving access 24/7/365 from anywhere at any time. All functionality is at your fingertips with the same processing power of your desktop installation. 

USER INTERFACE: The Mobile Version is driven by a friendly interface that is easy to navigate and intuitive to use.


Mobile Civil Service Administration  Mobile Civil Service Portal


Services Provided:

  • Web Application Development
  • Application Integration
  • E-Commerce
  • Maintenance and Support